Upgrading NSX-T Federation environment to NSX-T 3.0.1

Upgrading the Management Plane

Once the upgrade of the coordinator has completed we can proceed to upgrading the Global NSX-T Manager management plane.

We start by doing the needed pre-checks, click on the RUN PRE CHECKS below upgrade summary

This results in a pop-up and I just hit RUN PRE CHECKS again.

After the PRE CHECK is complete the upgrade coordinator reports an issues on one my of nodes.

Since this is setup is my lab, I have not enabled automatic back-up of the NSX-T Manager configurations and I will just ignore the error and proceed with the upgrade. In your production environment you will want to enable the back-up (I will do this in a future blog post and capture the process)

I am going to hit NEXT on the bottom right of the screen to proceed which brings me to the next window where I will now click start to kick off the upgrade procedure on my Global NSX-T Manager.

Another waring and reminder before we get going, hit START.

During the upgrade process, you can monitor the upgrade status in the progress bar.

Or you can click on the details more field and follow the steps and activities taking place during the upgrade process. This process will take some time.

Once the upgrade has completed, I logged back into the Global NSX-T Manager and checked the version under about at the top right and I can see that my manager is now on version

Under the upgrade procedure I see that my upgrade has completed successfully too and shows the status as 100%.

When I go over to the System Overview to check the status of my Global Manager and the Local Manager I noticed some errors on the Local Managers, Sync Status Disconnected – reason Initializing State.

The Global Manager and Local Manager must be at the same version. If the versions do not match, the Global Manager does not synchronize with the Local Manager. At this stage it is mandatory that the Global Managers and the Local Managers all need to be on the same version. So my Local Managers will remain disconnected from the Global Manager until they are upgraded.

So next I will proceed to upgrade the Local Managers.

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