NSX-T 3.1 – Federation Global Manager Redundancy

A quick post to set up and configure Redundancy for NSX-T Federation Global Managers across two locations.

My Primary Global Manager (GM) has been deployed and configured it as Active – I have only deployed a single GM appliance at each location, in a production deployment it is highly recommended to deploy a 3 node Cluster. Since the release of NSX-T 3.1, VMware now supports deployments with a single NSX-T Manager and relying on vSphere and configuration & backup restore options.

Configuring Primary Global Manager as the Active Manager
NSX-T Global Manager Primary Location

I have deployed the deployed standby GM (nsx-global-02) and will now add it as the Standby GM in the primary GM dashboard.

Populate Standby GM details

Populate all the details required and check compatibility and save. SSH to the GM and run this command to get the thumbprint request: get certificate api thumbprint

Compatibility check is successful

After successfully adding the Standby GM, you will now see both Active and Standby GM’s in the dashboard.

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